Thursday, 20 February 2014

activities of the department 2014-15

1.              The department of Economics has arranged a guest lecture for the students of B.A. (HEP, SW and HET) on “Challenges of global revenge of job markets operational changes in the course structure of economic discipline”. The resource person is Prof. M.V.N. Sharma, Retired Registrar, Department of Economics, Acharya Nagarjuna University,  on 4th  July, 2014.

2.       With a view to train our students in various dimensions the department of economics and career guidance cell has organized a “Leadership Training Camp for College Students in collaboration with M.R. Pai Foundation, Mumbai.
Topics: Communication Skills, Self esteem, Time management, Goal Setting, Self Management & Team work.
Resource persons from Mumbai
i)      Mr. Rajiv Luv
ii)     Ms. Clarissa Jathanna
              Chief Guest : Mr. Ch. Mahesh, Programme Executive, All India Radio, Vijayawada.

Jointly with Bio club, the department of Economics  has arranged a talk on “National Income and Social Accounting”.
Resource person: Prof. Ramachandra Prasad, Assistant Professor, Lab for Spatial information, International institute of information technology, Gachibouli, Hyderabad.

   Jointly  with Forum of Free Enterprise, Mumbai, the department has conducted the 50th A.D. Shroff Memorial Elocution Competition for I, II & III B.A. (HEP, S.W. & HET) students.
Topics:  1. Role of youth in Democracy
               2. Economics of Water Conservation
               3. Challenges of Urbanization
               4. Economic Implications of Creating Smaller States
               5. Foreign Direct Investment – Issues and Challenges.
                       I prize  -  Rs. 1250/-  K. SOWJANYA  (I M.A. Eco.,)
                       II prize – Rs. 1000/- Indu Priya ( II B.A. Eco.,)
                       III Prize – Rs. 750/- Sushmitha  (II B.A. Eco.,)
                       IV Prize – Mohana Vipanchi  (I B.A. Eco.,)& V  Prize – N. Nirmala (IIIB.A. Eco.,)
5.       Jointly with Departments of History, Politics and Social Work, the Department of Economics inaugurated “Cultural Club”, on 23rd September, 2014 to bring out hidden talents and to provide platform to the students.
Chief guest:  Mr. Siva Rama Sarma Garu

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